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Why LiveScan USA? - 

The Advantages of LiveScan USA (over our "competition")

Let's face it - you want the most for your money, and the only way to succeed is to learn from someone who has been there. Would you buy a car from a salesman who doesn't know how to drive? That is exactly what will happen if you choose a peer-provider other than LiveScan USA.

Other peer-providers have lowered their prices to compete with us, some even offer volume discounts - but the truth is they just want your money BY SELLING YOU THEIR EQUIPMENT. Once you paid for their equipment what do they care if you succeed or fail? Do they care if you are processing 10 people a month or 100? Absolutely not! - They sold you on a bill of goods. They can't compete with the experience or the service we provide.

With LiveScan USA  - WE ONLY GET PAID IF YOU MAKE MONEY! Having ran a livescan site with record numbers of 800 people PER MONTH, we bring experience to the table. This is how we train you, and how we support you. Having been where you are - and having worked with EVERY device manufacturer certified for your area - we KNOW what they won't tell you.

Our success is tied to YOUR success!

Here is what you get from ONLY LiveScan USA:

* 24 hour technical support
* Additional training other than the manufacturers training
* Training in California-Specific Applicant procedures
* Referrals from our call-center
* Referrals from our website, including access to an online Appointment Manager
* Access to other Livescan facilities
* Marketing Workshop (to get an edge over your competition)
* Additional business from our state-wide clients

And of course the one thing that no one can do unless they have run a livescan facility:

**Answers to those "How Do I…", "What should I do about…", or "Where can I find…" questions.

ONLY Affiliates of LiveScan USA can process FBI-ONLY electronic submissions through our exclusive contract. Industries that DO NOT go through the CALDOJ  for processing can ONLY go to facilities on our affiliate network. We won't allow facilities on other peer-provider networks to use our FBI gateway - this is another advantage why you would profit more from working with LiveScan USA.

Here is the LiveScan California GUARANTEE - LiveScan California will match any competitor's price for service, just provide written proof. To match the price LiveScan California is willing to lower its level of service and provide you EXACTLY what you would be getting from our competition. This has been known as our new Associate Program since 2008.

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