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  Livescan Training

LiveScan USA provides training to livescan facilities throughout California. Those individuals who are interested in starting a livescan facility, and those in the livescan industry who feel they need more assistance in procedures and technique, can arrange for training from experienced livescan technicians.

LiveScan USA provides a different type of training that what one can get from livescan device manufacturers. Livescan device manufacturers tend to stick with the basics of their equipment. So if you get a livescan device from another manufacturer, you would have to receive training on the different device. None of the device manufacturers can provide training on the Applicant Processing Network because they don't and NEVER have ran a livescan facility. So all they can train is how to run their equipment.

California Department of Justice has recognized that the training provided by livescan device manufacturers is insufficient for the proper and successful operation of a livescan facility.

LiveScan USA started as a livescan facility under the name LiveScan San Diego in December 2000. Our trainers provide training on most manufacturers livescan devices, but also includes training provided by the California Department of Justice. While the Department of Justice does not provide this type of training anymore, the instructors of LiveScan USA are livescan experts (and hold a valid Fingerprint Roller Certification issued by CALDOJ) with the knowledge to help you and your staff provide quality service in this growing industry.

Wouldn't you rather be trained COMPLETELY by people who have already done what you are trying to do? Don't you want the experience of success or are you going to rely on training from someone who has NEVER ran a livescan facility and don't care if you succeed?

UPDATED TRAINING - What happens if some new technology comes out? Can you get trained on new technology?  YES YOU CAN! Livescan device manufacturers want people to buy their equipment and rely on LiveScan USA to provide the training. It's a low cost alternative to the manufacturer, and gets the LiveScan USA "seal of approval" for their equipment. End-users purchasing equipment prefer to have a third-party "nod" when they invest in livescan equipment.

Also Available:

Many times in training we are asked "where can I find clients?" and similar questions. These questions are not covered in our basic training. These are trade secrets which are only provided in our full-day workshop and Seminar, Maximize your Business in the Livescan Industry.

The Seminar starts with you learning about how LiveScan San Diego grew to 400 people a month within 6 months, and over 800 people a month after 3 years. For 3 years, LiveScan San Diego had consistently continued this growth with TWO competing facilities located within 1 block. As of November 2006, one of these other facilities had closed, and was replaced by 2 others less than a mile away! Until LiveScan San Diego was sold in January 2006, it processed an average of 800 people a month for 3 straight years.

How did they do that? How can you do that? You'll have to attend Maximize your Business in the LiveScan Industry!

Due to the competition in the livescan industry, this workshop is ONLY available to facilities on the LiveScan USA Network.

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