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So you want to be a Livescan Service Provider?

LiveScan California(SM) will provide you with support from "square one" with specialists that can help you complete the licensing and approval process with the Department of Justice. Our support goes even farther with obtaining, installing, and connecting your livescan device to the LiveScan California(SM) network. We even go as so far to drive business to your door. REMEMBER - No other Peer-provider except LiveScan California, has done what you are trying to do - Open a livescan facility! So why would you get advice from someone who hasn't done what you are trying to do?

LiveScan California(SM) is the ONLY livescan provider that has the experience and will help you from the beginning to the end (open for business) and beyond.

LiveScan California(SM) affiliates get premier service AND training by someone registered with DOJ as a Fingerprint Roller (per DOJ's Terms and Conditions Section 5.09) and has the experience of running a livescan facility. Besides our training on the machine, you can get training on certain business procedures which will maximize your profits and give you an edge over the competition. Our extended training program offers full or half-day networking and marketing workshops for increasing your profits.

Our Affiliate Programs will drive money to your door, and our 24/7 technical support will keep you going, all for the low cost of $1.00 per transaction.

Other benefits of being a Livescan provider on the LiveScan California Network:

FREE Referrals from our Call-Center

Reduced cost of Annual Maintenance Service Agreement

Revenue from the MANY industries that DO NOT transmit directly to FBI (not going through the DOJ network)



ONLY Affiliates of LiveScan California can process FBI-ONLY electronic submissions through our exclusive contract. Industries that DO NOT go through the CALDOJ  for processing can ONLY go to facilities on our affiliate network. We won't allow facilities on other peer-provider networks to use our FBI gateway - this is another advantage why you would profit more from working with LiveScan California.

For more information on this growing business, feel free to contact us.