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Individuals looking to purchase livescan equipment have been duped when purchasing equipment on the internet, even on EBAY! Don't buy used equipment. DOJ WILL NOT allow devices not purchased from an Authorized Vendor to be connected to the DOJ network.  Just because it comes from a manufacturer on the Department of Justice website, doesn't mean you can use it in California. GET THE FACTS!

LiveScan USA, the premier peer-provider in California can help answer those questions. Give us a call BEFORE you purchase a machine from anyone INCLUDING MANUFACTURERS!

NEW TECHNOLOGY! If you want a low-cost system and interested in the latest technology - Check out the CDI CLEW System >>> Get a CLEW! - a DOJ/FBI compliant system for less than $3500 and less than 2 lbs!

There are currently TWO DOJ-Approved manufacturers which have been informed by DOJ to FIX their software or hardware. Even though these companies have REFUSED to comply with DOJ's requirements, DOJ has not removed them from the "DOJ approved vendor" list. Be careful that you DON'T buy the substandard equipment from these vendors. DOJ may one day follow through with their "promises" and remove them from the approved list and cause facilities with their equipment to shut down. Don't get caught with a $5000 paper weight!

LiveScan USA has found that we retain more credibility by being a non-biased information provider on the types of livescan devices on the market.


As a livescan operator, we have had experience in all the different types of devices, so we know what works, what has limitations and what DOJ concerns are currently being addressed by manufacturers due to high rejection rates or software problems.

LiveScan USA is committed to support the livescan devices on our network, so we must know that they are fully compliant with California DOJ and our staff is trained in the trouble-shooting, support, and installation of those devices. For that reason we do FULLY support devices manufactured by CDI, Cross Match Technologies and Cogent Systems. We also have the ability to support L-1 Devices as well.

LiveScan California is a Certified Cross Match Service Provider and Cogent Systems Service Provider. We also provide service for CDI Systems.

In order to have 24/7 technical support supplied by LiveScan USA your service must be through LiveScan USA.

For more information regarding equipment, feel free to contact us.